Thursday, August 18, 2016

Morning Routine

One thing the kids on Red Head like is "the routine" - when they wake up (too early), when they have breakfast, when they have supper, and so on. They love a routine. It unsettles them when we are frequently moving. But as soon as we settle in for more than a day or two, they get right into a new routine.

We've been here at Zimmerman Marine for quite a spell now. Dylan and Dee Dee thought you might be interested in their Zimmerman routine.  As the temps here have risen above 100, their favorite part of the day is the morning and here is a sample of their morning routine.

After waking Mom and Dad soon after first light, 6:15-6:30, we all head out across the parking lot to a large field. Daddy is always sure to select a good throw toy.

Dylan and Dee Dee sit to have the leash removed and wait for the command.

Then it's a race into the tall grass looking for... well, we're not really sure because they typically just start eating grass. Although, one day Dylan spied a rabbit which caused much excitement all around.

Daddy tries to interest them in the throw toy which occasionally works but it's hard to compete with grass.

Unless it is an old, deflated beach ball.

Dee Dee captured that prize and quickly attracted Dylan's attention.

Then the fun began until tongues were hanging out and it was time to head back for breakfast.

On the dock they sit once again waiting for the command.

Then it's a mad dash for home where breakfast is consumed in a matter of seconds.

And there's more playing in the salon while Mom and Dad have their breakfast.

It's a hard life but they bear up well under the pressure.


John said...

On the dock they sit once again waiting for the command!
Oh my gosh...OMG You mean they'll wait until you tell them they can board!


MV Red Head said...

Are you implying that you have some sort of knowledge that my dogs are not perfect angels... ;-)