Monday, August 3, 2015

Where'd It All Go!

Last week was a doozy. People started arriving on Tuesday putting up tents and tables. They were carrying things out of huge trucks and setting them up on the driveway, patio, backyard, garage, wherever there was a bit of space.

Thursday they started hauling stuff out of the house - including Dylan and Dee Dee's prized dog beds (see previous post). There were 8 or 10 folks here for four days. It kept the crew very busy keeping an eye on everything.

Then Friday night there was a "Preview" where tons of folks were wandering around looking and touching.

Maybe Dylan and Dee Dee knew something was up on Saturday when they woke Mom and Dad at 6 am. The auction started at 11 am with another preview starting 9, so of course, people were knocking on the door before 8.

It didn't take long for the place to be overrun so we made our own run for it. Off to Dexter, Maine to visit with our beloved JoDee, owner of Birchwood Kennels, the place that produces the most beautiful and sweet Labradors in the world.

Friends assured us that the auction proceeded just fine without our participation.

This was a special day not only because we got to see JoDee but JoDee lives on a lake and has lots of Dylan and Dee Dee kin. Dee Dee even got to play with her papa, Sarge, the second most handsome Labrador in the world (right, Dylan?).

The crew reminded us that for them, this was technically a work day as they were testing out their Kurgo car harnesses in the water. Such a hard working crew...sigh.

We had a wonderful day and really didn't want it to end. Dee Dee even caught a chicken - sorry no pictures of that - we were all too busy intervening. But finally we had to head back to Castine.

We pulled down Main Street to hordes of cars still parked around the house. The crew decided it was best to visit the town dock until the event was over. No sooner had we parked than the winds began to howl, the sky opened up, and pea-size hail began to pound the roof. We watched boats heeling over in the harbor until it became so thick we couldn't see anymore. We heard later the winds clocked at 60 knots. There were lots of trees and massive limbs down around town with power lines down in places.

We wondered about those tents at our auction but all was well when we finally arrived back at the house.

We have a few more days of "camping out" in our empty house before we head back to the boat. This summer has been quite the adventure for all of us. But we hope our best adventures are still to come.


Ron Rogers said...

Gosh, I haven’t been paying attention because I just did the same thing. I had an excellent outfit, Caring Transitions, in Raleigh, NC do an estate sale of most of my possessions which had possessed me. Tons of tools that I no longer use or cannot use. The Willard 40 sale is next! I’m moving into Veterans Administration subsidized housing for “Seniors.”

I feel unburdened and am going to find out if I can have a dog in the apartment.

Good luck to all 2 and 4 leg people,
Ron Rogers

MV Red Head said...


Good to hear from you! It is freeing. We wish you much luck with your transition - it's what life is all about.