Tuesday, August 11, 2015

No Turning Back

It's been a whirlwind week as the crew helps do the final clearing out and cleaning up of the house. There's been no time for nostalgia and barely time to sleep but they wanted to share a some pictures of their recent activities.

It took Dylan and Dee Dee 3 days to travel from Maine to Virgina. At first it looked a little touch and go as Daddy crammed everything we just couldn't live without into the rental car. The crew wasn't sure there was going to be room for them but he left just enough space in the backseat for two little heinies.

Luckily, Dee Dee made the cut - the vote was 2 to 1...

There was a stop at the Defender Industries headquarters in Connecticut where Mom and Dad had a meeting while Dylan and Dee Dee got to hang out in the store. They met tons of people, were even "recognized" by a few, and got to enjoy the stash of treats behind the counter. They've been working on brushing up their resumes so they can apply for a job there as soon as that spot opens up for Chief Treat Tester, Face Licker, and Nap Taker. They're pretty sure they're a shoo-in.

Today we're back onboard and settling back in. The kids were happy to find their favorite spots still in good order.

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