Friday, August 28, 2015

Crew Again!

This week Dylan and Dee Dee officially became crew again. We threw off the lines on Tuesday with the crew in their official places on the flybridge. Immediately, we had a bridge to have lifted and a lock to go through. It's fortunate the captain had the crew there to help.

It wasn't long before the crew heard the first dolphin snorts and pandemonium broke out. Of course, since Dee Dee's, um, episode last winter, they are no longer allowed to investigate alone. So Daddy took them out.

Unfortunately, there were no actual sightings but that didn't mean the crew didn't remain hopeful.

We tested the new anchor chain by spending two nights in the New Point Comfort anchorage. The crew got to test out their new bow nightlight, a solar powered lawn light purchased last week from the hardware store. The last one died after 2 years. Daddy even decided to spring for the $4.97 version rather than the cheaper $2.97 one. Nothing is too good for the crew.

At Fishing Bay Marina in Deltaville, Virginia they enjoyed two days romping in the big field behind the pool and even got to meet a couple of boatyard dogs. By now the crew certainly had their sea legs back.

Tomorrow we're off for other anchorages and new marinas. Dylan and Dee Dee will be be fulfilling their duties as aCappella crew while keeping ever vigilant for those dolphin snorts.

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