Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Gentle Giant

I love animals, all animals. I can't look into the eyes of one without knowing they have as much of a soul as I do. It's one reason why we are Vegan - don't worry no soapbox here.

Sometimes you meet a soul that just grabs your heart and squeezes it. This weekend the crew met Ky.

When we pulled into Yankee Point Marina off the Corrotomon River in Virginia we were met by owners Karen and Ken, several other boaters, and Ky. We learned that Ky was a rescue who had been terribly mistreated by his first owner, lived in less than ideal circumstances with his second, and then won the jackpot with Karen and Ken.

Ky is 16 or 18 months old (I don't quite remember). He weighs 170 pounds and is still growing. The vet told them to expect him to finish somewhere around 200. His paws are so big that visiting boaters have asked if there were bears in the area because they just spotted the tracks.

It only took one look into those beautiful eyes and I was smitten. He is sweet and funny and very affectionate. And don't you dare tell him he's not a lap dog.

Dylan and Dee Dee enjoyed an afternoon romp. Unfortunately, I forgot the phone for pictures. Dee Dee could run right under his belly to grab the stick. They all had a wonderful time and Dylan and Dee Dee were even able to coax Ky into the river. He didn't exactly take a swim but with those legs he could wade far out.

The morning we left Ky came out to the dock to say goodbye. The crew sniffed and woofed and obviously wanted to play. Ky helped us get ready and then finally headed back to his job helping his mom and dad run the marina.

He was so handsome as he loped down the dock. Goodbye, Ky. We all look forward to seeing you again.

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