Monday, April 20, 2015

Beach Toys Review

The crew visited the beach practically every day in the 8 weeks we were at Great Harbour Cay Marina. It gave them a chance to test a wide variety of beach toys. We think that qualifies them to do a review!

For Christmas they received two new beach toys from Mom and Dad in anticipation of their romps in the Bahamas. They were two floating bumpers that rated highly on Amazon.

The Chuckit Tumble Bumper Toy is brightly colored and floats but was a bit thick for holding while they swam. It really filled Dee Dee's mouth. It was fine but not their first choice.

The Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper was without question the favorite of not only Dylan and Dee Dee but also their buddy Gracie. It has a rope tail that allowed all three dogs to grab and pull. It was used every day, surviving hundreds (thousands?) of tosses until it finally was torn apart. Still given its heavy use it held up well.

With the loss of the favorite Chuckit toy we dug through the dog box and pulled out Dyna's two old training bumpers - an orange one and a white one. When they were new they looked like the picture above.

Both where a bit worse for wear but the team loved retrieving them and were even able to get all three jaws on at once. The orange one started taking on water and partially sinking so it became a boat toy. The white one was lost at sea on Gracie's final beach trip. It never washed ashore...

So we turned back to the Chuckit Tumble Bumper, dug some more through the dog box and pulled out a small ball that floated, a West Paw tug toy that also floated, and an old Wubba water toy.

The ball could only be held by a single dog and didn't allow for tugging so that one was quickly abandoned. The tug toy also was not good for tugging while in the water so was mainly ignored. The Wubba was a hit as the many flapping pieces which floated up on the water allowed for lots of tug-of-war games.

So what is on the list of "must buys" now that we're back in the States? Definitely another Chuckit! Amphibious Bumper (or two). A three pack of the training bumpers to which we'll add some nylon line. We're undecided about the Wubba. Wouldn't want to spoil the crew, would we? Oh, throw one in the cart, they deserve it!

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