Thursday, April 16, 2015

Written in the Sand...

There's a wise mariners saying, "Plans are written in the sand at low tide."

We have certainly altered our plans on many occasions, usually cutting short a long passage or bailing out of an overnight crossing when conditions changed or where not as we expected. However, this time was a bit different.

We left Great Harbour Cay Marina around 2 pm Sunday to catch the high tide. It was a bittersweet send off as we said goodbye to a terrific group of cruisers and marina staff.

Hans and his amazing staff made our time in the Berry Islands even better than we could have imagined. The crew has certainly never been treated better or had more fun.

We headed around the island to anchor off the beach were Dylan and Dee Dee had spent so many terrific hours. Our plan was to leave early Monday morning and head to Eleuthera which we have never visited. Then on to the Abacos which we haven't seen in many years. Sunday night was miserable with the boat rocking and rolling. Even the kids weren't sleeping. We should have taken it as an omen.

The wind and waves weren't great Monday morning but we hoped the seas would settled when we found deeper water. After two hours of banging into head seas, we abandoned our plan and turned around. Instantly we were in blessed following seas right on the stern. It was a perfect ride. The next step was to figure out where to go now.

As Jeff started looking at the possibilities he realized we were heading directly for the US with the current conditions remaining the same and predicted to get better for the next 24 plus hours. We decided to go for it and had a perfect overnight crossing arriving in Cape Canaveral Tuesday afternoon just in time to see a space launch.

It felt a bit jarring after the tranquility of Great Harbour Cay with little time to make the mental adjustment. The crew is still suffering from beach withdrawal but holding up well. We've begun making our way north with some stops along the way.

We've promised Dylan and Dee Dee some time at Cumberland Island where they can get in some beach romping. Of course, that is unless our plans change...

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