Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ortega Landing

Dylan and Dee Dee are about to end their time here at The Marina at Ortega Landing. For Dylan it was like old home week. He's been here many times including a 5 month stint with Dyna back in 2011 when we had all our electronics replaced.  He got together with some of his old buddies, Abby, Myia, and Ty. Their mom, Deb, who works at Huckins Yacht, and their dad, Walt, who loves to hand out treats. That makes him very popular with the group.

It's been a good week with long walks through the pretty streets and romps on the large field at the marina. A highlight was attending the Riverside Arts Market on Saturday morning. It started with a dinghy ride to downtown Jacksonville.

Once we got to the event, Dylan and Dee Dee learned quickly to work the vendors for treats. Sit prettily, cock the head, and bat those big brown eyes - it worked every time. They even got some from a nice lady walking by who had just purchased homemade treats for her dog from Bubba's Bistro. We visited Bubba's, too.

Early tomorrow morning we head to Cumberland Island, GA where the crew hopes to get in some more beach time with swimming. It'll be the first dip since leaving the Bahamas. They're definitely in need of a fix!

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