Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Today is Dee Dee's 2nd birthday. Are we the only one's surprised that she made it this far?

No one can say it has been a boring time but it has also been filled with amusement and joy watching her grow up with Dylan at her side.

She is beautiful and loving and fun and smart and at times exasperating. She is Dee Dee with a personality all her own.

The time passes so quickly. We're not sure what adventures await us but we know they will not be boring...

We love you, Dee Dee!  Happy Birthday!!


John said...

Happy Birthday!
Miss our trips to the beach,
Chasing the bumper,
And wondering what you're barking at!
Your pal,

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Dee Dee from Josie and her mom and dad, the Robinsons!

Unknown said...

We see you and the kids are at Atlantic Yacht Basin. Are you working on more projects? Elle & I is spending the Summer on the hard in Deltaville at Stingray Point Boat Works, while we head back to the Hudson Valley. We sure hope we get to see you this Fall on the Chesapeake. Give Dylan and Dee Dee big hugs from us both!!
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I