Friday, January 1, 2010

Time To Go

We have certainly enjoyed our time in Charleston, but it is definitely time to go. The galley is fully stocked, the water tanks are topped off, and our list of projects, both planned and unplanned, is mostly complete. We wanted to meander down the Intracoastal Waterway stopping at places we haven't been to before, but the temperatures are suppose to be dipping into the 20's, so our plans have changed. Sunday we'll head offshore and keep moving until we can find some warmer weather.

Despite the cold temperatures and record breaking rain, there is much we will miss about Charleston. The wonderful grocery store, Harris Teeter, is walking distance with a Red Box video kiosk, as is a Blockbuster. A small hardware store is close by and a very large well-stocked one just a 15 minute walk away. Of course, there are an almost unlimited number of excellent restaurants, bakeries, and coffee houses, and the lovely streets with beautiful homes decorated for the holidays, Marion Square, and the Battery. We found something new most every day.

But what we'll really miss are the wonderful people. From our dear friends Jeb and Linda, to the many new friends who made us feel very much at home. This has been a fun place to be.

Of course our canine crew will miss their morning romp at the nearby dog park. For nearly a month now they have both awoken like clockwork, anxious to be on their way up the dock. The moment they turn the corner and the park is in view they begin scanning the far side for their friends Huck and Goose.  When the four of them spot each other they erupt in what can only be called utter joy and the playing begins.  They will most certainly miss their Charleston friends.  But we need to be on our way.  Huck and Goose - we'll be looking for you again come spring.

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Anonymous said...

Have a good trip!

Good luck finding warm weather. Here in central FL, 300 miles south of Charleston, we won’t see 60 degrees till the 9th. Brr. Mid fifties all next week.

About Blue Rhino -

There was a article in the WSJ a month or so ago about how Blue Rhino copes with volatile propane prices. They short fill the tank.

Take a 20 pound tank too any reasonably competent filler and you can expect to get 18.5 to 19 lbs into it.

Lately, Blue Rhino has been filling the 20 lb. exchangeable tanks with around 14 to 15 lbs, and still charging the same amount.

Yeah, you see this in the grocery store all the time, but the manufacturer has to print the weight on the label, so at least you know what’s going on.

Not so with Blue Rhino.

I’d hate to be anchored out and suddenly find out that my propane tank that always lasted a month quit at 3 weeks.

Of course, if you know about it in advance maybe you could work around it.

Merritt Island