Monday, December 28, 2009


Winter has started to set into Charleston. We knew it would eventually get here but we thought we'd have a few more days of warm weather.

When we arrived back after visiting Karen's family for Christmas, I reconnected the water to the boat. Sure enough, the hose was stiff and difficult to manipulate. That means one sure thing for us - it's time to leave for a warmer location.

Getting ready to go means we need to re-provision.  We've been out for over 4 months and ran out of our supplies of food.  With a supermarket a block away in Charleston, it wasn't a big deal. But now we'll be vagabonds for the upcoming months and it's time to load up on all the important things we need (notice the multiple large boxes of Pita Bites).

Before returning the rental car we used it to go shopping at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club.  Sam's especially is great for buying month-loads of meat.  Some $400 of groceries later, our freezers are full. The kids were extremely interested in each and every bag brought to the boat. Now there are just a handful of small projects to complete before we're ready to head toward Georgia, Florida, and wherever the seas take us.


DreamsFloat Joe said...


Happy New year youse kids!

FWIW, I was talking recently with a couple who are full time live aboards their 50 odd foot DeFever, who love active captain, while they spent Christmas here in Fernandina Beach, their sentiments are as are yours ... Brrrr., they are now southbound. smile

Enjoy your journey!

MV Red Head said...

As I remember Joe, you're in Fernandina Beach. That's our next destination to stay a few days - probably on a mooring. We want to take the dinghy to Cumberland Island on a nice day.

Bob said...

Hi guys,
Are you going to be at the rendezvous in Stewart? We have been here for a few weeks now at the Harborage Marina and Yacht Club. Stuart is a great place and the Yacht Club is an excellent place to stay. $1.00 per foot short term and $11.00 per foot monthly rate for DeFever Cruisers.

MV Red Head said...

We might make the rendezvous. It all depends on when we get there. We're not going to push to make it by the start but we'll probably end up there during part of it. We're really in the "no plans" mode.

We definitely would like to hang out at the new Harborage for a couple of weeks although we'll probably stay on a mooring. There are some places we'd like to visit by dinghy and it'll be much easier if we're on a mooring. Being on a mooring also allows us to get more ActiveCaptain work done!

Steve & Kim said...

Dear Jeff,

Just went through from Hilton Head to Jacksonville this past week and found the area around Little Mud River essentially unpassable at anything other than 2/3rd's rising tide, and even then, it is pretty thin.

The bottom is soft so at least you will have that going for you. After that, it is clear sailing the rest of the way.



MV Red Head said...

Thanks Steve. We're thinking more and more of going offshore to Fernandina Beach and skipping all of the difficult areas. We've done it before and the nights have been pretty cold recently. We're rather just do some larger jumps and get to someplace warmer. I'm thinking that even Fernandina Beach isn't warm right now but we've never been there and want to spend a couple of days there.

It seems like we'll be right behind you. Let us know if we get close and we'll find some place to anchor together!