Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wayne's Hat

Although we're in Stuart, FL right now, there are some blog entries that we need to catch up with.

As captains use ActiveCaptain and contribute to it, they gain points. As they accumulate points, they win awards sent by different manufacturers. When they reach 250 points, we send them an ActiveCaptain hat.

Wayne, Carol, and Eddie are the crew and captains aboard Fluke, a beautiful Krogen Whaleback.  We've seen them before in Vero Beach and they've been up to Castine on one of our moorings.  We've kept in touch over the years. But this year, Wayne qualified for a hat. Since we were both cruising on the Chesapeake last October, we decided that we'd hand deliver the hat. But when we finally got together on the Wicomico River, it was freezing cold and neither of us were interested in taking our dinghies down. We vowed to meet them in Vero Beach to deliver the hat soon.

Months later, we were finally in Vero Beach. They invited us over to their boat for an excellent dinner. Needless to say, we finally delivered the well-deserved hat.


Carol 'n Wayne said...

Jeff and Karen,

I was kind of hoping the video wouldn't be good enough to post, but actually wasn't so bad. I had to laugh!


One More Time Around said...

There's a Shuttle Launch scheduled for Feb 7th...

We plan to watch it from our boat.

MV Red Head said...

Wayne - you're a star! The video is nice.

Jeff - we know some others who are going to see the launch. Sounds like a great event.