Friday, January 22, 2010

The Drama

Why is it that women can bear children, endure regular pain and masochistic medical exams, live through menopause, and if a man has so much as a head cold the world must stop? I don't know if it's heartening or not to know that this actually extends to other species.

Dyna has had 5 litters, the first by caesarian, and 3 major operations without so much as a whine. Earlier this week she cut two pads on oyster shells while swimming and never skipped a beat.  Dylan now cut his pad and I have never seen a more pitiful sight.  It's a good thing we think those guys are so cute or I don't know why we'd put up with them!

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Anonymous said...

What amazing parents. My boys (Andy & Bhu) are also drama guys. Seti, of course, just rolls her eyes in dismay at their wimpy ways.
Well, I leave for Miami Sunday am to meet Bill and then we're off for Key West. Sorry to miss you, but, gee, going to Key West - or - waiting for you guys . . .
Love, Bev