Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dylan is 12, Oh My!

Our sweet Dylan turns 12 today.

He’s just as cute as the day we brought him home.

Dad is lobbying for birthday cupcakes. Mom just wants to cuddle her handsome boy.

Thank you, Dylan, for 12 wonderful years. There’s still many adventures to come.


Ken and Trudy Price said...

Dylan still looks, and acts, I’m sure, so young! 12 sounds like such a big number, especially since it seems like only yesterday that we met him in 2013. Belly rubs and ear scratches to all...well, the canine contingent at least!

John said...

Dylan's in fine shape for 12! The yellow labs hide those "white" facial hairs, whereas, old Gracie looks much older.

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday from your old girl friend....Gracie

MV Red Head said...

Dylan is certainly pretty perky for his age. Having two young females around helps. And, yes, being blond does hide the white.

John, by “old girlfriend” I assume you mean one he’s had for awhile. So impolite to refer to a female’s age... 😉