Friday, June 28, 2019

It’s HOT

After several days of low humidity, the crew is back to those infamous hot and humid days. Mom grew up in the Maryland side of the DC suburbs. Mom and Dad met in DC and lived in Maryland for 8 years before moving to Maine. They know what summers are like around here. It’s one of the reasons they escaped to Maine.

Each morning over her coffee, Mom checks her Weather Underground app to see what sort of day it will be. All she really needs to do is check the crew’s heat-o-meter. Dylan’s checks in first and is measured in “amount of paw dragging on the return.” He can pick up the most subtle changes.

Dee Dee is next. She has a macro view with only two settings - bouncing along so not too bad vs slow walking, it’s gonna be hot.

Dora is the final measure, warning only of catastrophic heat. She thinks the heat is just fine, so when she flops down on the grass in the shade on her way back from the dog park (as she did today), you know you’re in for a HOT day.

Fortunately, Red Head has great air conditioning.

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