Sunday, June 2, 2019

Baltimore, What?

What could keep the Red Head crew from putting up a blog entry for over a week? Start with some engine problems, add in ridiculously hot weather, throw in a haul out and 3 days living on the hard (in said hot weather), and top it off with poor WiFi.

On the bright side, they did find two dog parks.

Three days on the hard meant getting the crew off and on the boat. We used a series of ramps, much like Stuart a couple years ago. Tried airplane stairs but Dylan would have none of that. On the final day, we used a lift to take them off one at a time prior to Red Head going back in the water.

It’s been a rough week, culminating in a sad change of summer plans. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora are now off to Baltimore for a month. More on the Red Head saga later.

For now the crew needs a couple days to relax.

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Herb Miller said...

Jeff and Karen.....So sorry that so many issues have popped up with Red Head.
I know this last event was stressful for you both, let alone the "crew"

Hope you are able to get things in shape and continue your trip north.
Love the dogs, and your posts. I check daily for new ones.
As always...Herb Miller