Friday, September 7, 2018

The Results Are In!

Dora's DNA tests results came in today.  Surprise! She's a hound (a Treeing Walker Coonhound to be specific) with a bit of terrier thrown in. It certainly explains a few things. Mom and Dad had to look up this coonhound breed as they had never heard of it. Here's some of what they found:

"They bay their own distinctive howl to let the owner know the quarry has been cornered." Dora certainly has a distinctive bay.

"Their tracking sense is so strong that they are unable to follow commands when they are trailing a scent" Explains why Dora is never left off-leash.

 "Their curious nature means that they have a tendency to stand on their hind legs to investigate a small child or small dog being held in the arms of an adult." Teaching Dora not to jump on guests has been most challenging...

"Agile, energetic, loving, intelligent, confident and even-tempered dogs." A great description of Red Head's youngest crew member.

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Hudson River Boater said...

Cool stuff-- I love learning new things..
When our Yorkie is on a scent or digging for a critter she too will not listen to commands.. Our property has a invisible-- She does listen to her collar "Beep-- Beep-- Beep" and turns rite around knowing she will get a shock.. She just ignores us though..

On a side note-- I was at a Boatyard yesterday and saw a guy cutting a hole in a Steel Sailboat to fix a hole.. He opened her up and found a whole other can of "Worms" inside..
He is the owner and also a Welder-- He'll get her patched up in time to head south he said..