Saturday, September 1, 2018


Red Head has spent the past two weeks hanging out in Baltimore. It's been many years since we were last here. Dylan is the only current crew member who has been here before and that was on aCappella and he was with Dyna. 8 years...

The crew has been enjoying their time in Baltimore. There's a dog park about a mile away. It's been so blink'n hot and humid, that the crew has been going early in the morning. That's the temperature in the galley when we returned one day at 7:30 am!

Some mornings it is just the Red Head crew. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora can fill a dog park all on their own.

Most mornings, there are other playmates. Dora still has a propensity to play with the biggest dog in the park.

Mom and Dad have enjoyed the restaurants and visiting with good friends and family. The crew has even made some new friends. Shauna and Matt took a great picture of Dora, notice the photo-bomb in the window.

We love Baltimore and plan on not waiting so long to visit again. But now it's time to move further south in the Chesapeake Bay. Red Head is getting an electronics refit and the crew is looking forward to the upcoming Krogen Rendezvous.

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