Monday, September 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dora?

When Dora found the Red Head crew, it was determined that she was somewhere around 5-6 months old. That would put her birthday sometime in September or October. Yesterday we celebrated Dora's 1st birthday. How did we know it was her birthday? Well, here is her dad's logic:  September 9th is 9/9. In German, that's "No, No!" Leading him to determine that must be her birthday.

Dad also decided that, in celebration, the whole Red Head crew would get mini cupcakes. He actually got the crew to sit/stay...

For a few seconds, anyway. Notice the single good crew member who waited to be released? Dylan's a good boy.

Whatever day Dora came into the world, the Red Head crew is happy to have her onboard.

Happy Birthday, Dora!


Lawrence Leonard said...

Hi Guys,
Elaine & I hope you are still in the Cape somewhere. The wind & flooding are going to make the cruise tough heading South. I expect you'll have to make most of your passages outside this year. The AICW will be a disaster this year. Stay safe and take your time.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence

MV Red Head said...

Hi guys! We are on the Eastern Shore having electronics work done. All is safe and sound. Anxiously waiting to hear about the state of the ICW. And, as you know, will deal with whatever it is. Plans, but no schedule. Hope you are well.