Saturday, November 12, 2016

Zeus and the Dog Park

Today Dylan and Dee Dee made a new dog friend, Zeus, a one year old Golden. We met Zeus's mom and dad while doing the Loop in 2013 when Dee Dee was just a small pup. We've run into them here and there since then but had yet to meet Zeus.

Janet and Bob were driving home from a weekend on their boat coming past Charleston, so Janet emailed to ask if we were up for a trip to a dog park. We didn't have to ask the kids twice.

We met them out front of the Charleston Harbor Marina a 11 am, loaded the three of them into their van, and set off.

The James Island County Dog Park is a huge park with plenty of spaces to run and play. Dylan and Dee Dee were desperately in need of a good romp.

Zeus and Dee Dee put themselves in charge of retrieving any tennis ball they could find.

Dee Dee was a tad protective of hers...

Dylan's favorite part was when he got Zeus to give chase. Dylan loves being chased, always has.

Dylan and Dee Dee say that any day that includes a dog park is a good day.

Mom and Dad agree. We're all hoping to see Zeus and his people again real soon.


Ron said...

It looks like Dee Dee's right leg still has some irritation, and her paws are all shaved. Is the Kangaroo feed helping? What other treatments?

Our Duke continues to chew on his rear paws only. We've switched dry food, still looking for a good crunchy milk bone substitute.

We've stayed close to home this summer, maybe we will see Redhead during the spring northbound migration. We're planning on Long Island Sound and Canada.

MV Red Head said...


You noticed our problem child... The food is helping but we have some new issues. We give her baby carrots as a treat and she loves them, by the way. Her paws are not shaved, she has some callus areas from her previous licking. A few weeks a go she got a small sore on her right leg. I taped it and it was healing until we went out for dinner one evening and she tore off the bandage and chewed her whole upper leg. I think she's a bit OCD, something that Labs can be prone to. We're working with a combination of covering it when we're with her and using the cone of shame at night and when we leave her. I have a feeling there is another vet visit coming...

Good luck with Duke.

Harbour Isle said...

We had a Lab mix we adopted as a 2-year-old who came with what was diagnosed by our vet as "allergies". She put her on Prednisone but didn't want her on it long term so most of the time we put up with the licking and chewing but when things got really bad, she went on a daily dose which we reduced to every second day then every third, etc. It really only gave her complete relief when she was on a daily dose.

When we moved and subsequently had to change vets, he advised us to leave her on the daily dose of Prednisone, saying that although it would eventually affect her kidneys and perhaps take a couple of years off her life, her quality of life would be so much better.

Lady was 15 years old when she died. I bless(ed) that vet every day and wish he hadn't taken early retirement to fish!

Are you stopping anywhere in the vicinity of the Vero Dog Park?

Jack son said...

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