Monday, October 31, 2016

Offshore Again

The whole crew enjoys a nice offshore passage. We were finally able to do our first offshore passage since leaving the Chesapeake Bay. And it was perfect!

Dylan wants to be out in the open air watching for dolphins. The rail outside the pilothouse is just the right height. Dee Dee tends to hop on the pilothouse settee and stay for the duration.

That is until Daddy calls for both of them to assist with the traditional ATB - "Around the Block," a trip around the deck to ensure all is well.

Who wouldn't feel safe knowing they had such a dedicated crew on watch?

Then Dylan goes back to dolphin watching.

While Dee Dee cuddles back on the settee.

Of course, both of them are ready to heed the call and be back on duty when needed. My faithful crew!


Unknown said...

I appreciate your comments about the Presidential election and cruiser's everywhere.
We are dirt dwellers now, but cruised starting from New Bern NC where picked up our 38 Island Packet - Silver Sea. Brought her down to Cape Coral, Florida. Then headed out for 9.5 years and circumnavigated the Caribbean (clockwise)and had the time of our lives. We have so many friends that we met "out there".
Enjoy following you guys - and the dogs. Keep up the good work, and be safe,
George & Pixie Noyes

Kitty and Henry Beard said...

Have been following your progress on the ICW and just called my friends at Dewees Island telling them you were going by. They went out on their deck and watched you pass. Technology is wonderful. Here I sit in the middle of SC calling friends on the coast telling them to check out a trawler that is passing their house.
We keep our boat at Edisto Beach at a private dock but since you headed south had hoped we would get to see you but not to be. Met y'all several years ago at Cocoa Beach.
We also enjoy following you and the antics of the Labs and LOVE what Active Captain has done for us cruisers.
Kitty and Henry Beard