Friday, November 18, 2016

Three Practically Perfect Days

Boaters often talk about the folly of keeping schedules. The discussions typically involve delays waiting for weather windows, bailout points when offshore, and tales about times when weather limits were pushed a bit too far. They focus on how bad weather affects our cruising plans.

Then there are those times when the weather is so good that it changes plans. Why does it seem so rare?

Pulling anchor in the Charleston Harbor

This past week we had plans to leave Charleston and hop through the Georgia ICW stopping at a couple of marinas and staying in some isolated anchorages we'd never tried before. Our departure was delayed a day as we saw the offshore weather leaving Charleston going from so-so to pretty-darn-nice.

Dylan on dolphin patrol leaving Charleston Harbor

We pulled off the docks at Charleston Harbor Marina on Monday afternoon to anchor that night at a familiar anchorage in the harbor. That set us up for an early departure Tuesday morning to head offshore to Hilton Head. The day was spectacular.

Anchoring in the marshes of Georgia

Leaving St Catherines Sound at sunrise

After some weather delays in Charleston, this perfect offshore weather changed our plans to go to Thunderbolt Marina on Wednesday and instead go offshore to anchor inside St Catherines Sound in the Georgia marshes. It allowed us to make up a day we "lost" in Charleston. Wednesday's weather was even better than Tuesday's.

Offshore St Catherine's Sound to St Simons Sound

Dylan and Dee Dee on watch offshore

Thursday we headed offshore again from St Catherine's Sound to St Simons Sound. The water looked like a mill pond.

Dylan and Dee Dee relaxing offshore

There are so many advantages to traveling offshore, when the weather is good, verses the ICW. It's like being on a quiet country road verses the DC Beltway at rush hour. No wakes, no incessant radio traffic, no hazards.

Pelican on the bow

Just the occasional pelican who decides to take up residence on the bow. He couldn't figure out how to take off in the confined space and tried repeatedly to spread his wings.

Pelican checking out the side exit.

The captain finally snuck down and opened the side door. We slowed to idle and he took off.

Sunset at the St Simons Sound anchorage

It's easy to focus in on the bad weather and look for alternatives to your cruising plans. But don't forget that sometimes the weather can be better than expected. And those change of plans can be pure joy.

Dylan and Dee Dee heading to land

The kids were the perfect offshore crew. But after 3 days they are looking forward to a nice long walk on land at Brunswick Landing Marina.

Dylan and Dee Dee wish all of their followers a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels on land and at sea.

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