Saturday, March 19, 2016

Settling in...

This week Dylan and Dee Dee pulled into Great Harbour Cay Marina to the same spot we had last year. We were greeted by so many familiar faces! Dylan and Dee Dee were pleased to have their best buddy Gracie right next door again.

Within a few hours they were all back at the beach chasing the bumper. Look familiar?

That night was their first Drink n Drift of the season. Dylan and Dee Dee couldn't wait, jumping in the minute the dinghy was in the water.

However, they had a few hours wait until it was closer to sunset.

Gracie was still yearning to spend time with her buddies.

The kids have settled right back into their routine and are loving it. There's always something to watch on the dock. Dee Dee loves sitting at the door watching the world go by.

Mom and Dad have taken a few days to settle in after 10 weeks at anchor. We're all looking forward to some great R&R. Dylan and Dee Dee are even ready to pick out their picture of the day again. Make sure to follow their adventures.

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