Thursday, March 31, 2016


Tomorrow will most likely be the last beach day for the three amigos. Gracie and her people will be leaving on Saturday, if the weather predictions hold, to cross back to the US. (Secretly, the crew is doing a "bad weather" dance...)  Dylan and Dee Dee will miss many things about their best buddy. The most amazing thing will be her singular focus on retrieving the bumper.

Gracie has always been tenacious and fearless in her bumper retrievals. She truly showed her courage in today's beach romp. The waves were steep, high, and frequently breaking. But none of that deterred Gracie.

While Dylan and Dee Dee held back or turned and ran, Gracie dove in with one goal, to bring back the bumper no matter what happens.

And that is exactly what she did! You go sweet girl!

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