Monday, November 23, 2015

Over The River...

Dylan and Dee Dee crossed several rivers and even climbed over the mountains through the woods in yet another rental car. They're spending Thanksgiving week at Grandma's house. It's been people and parks and walks. Both kids have been terrific. Yes, really, both kids.

But Dee Dee's favorite thing has been having her crate back! It's been 8 months since that fateful day at Great Harbour Cay when we took her crate down and reclaimed the salon. Since then the crate has been in the lazarette taking up some pretty valuable real estate.

However, Grandma's house has an abundance of "Dee Dee, No!" places. So we brought the crate to use when she can't be supervised.

Dylan on the other hand is a good boy and not in need of confinement. How could anyone not trust that handsome face?

We wondered what Dee Dee would do after all those months. Would we need to bribe her into the crate with a treat like we used to with Dylan?

Hardly. I was barely able to put the cushion in before she climbed in with a toy and settled down.

Now when we look around and say, "Where's Dee Dee?" We just look in the crate. She even settles in at bedtime.

Dylan thought the extra space in the double bed in Grandma's guest bedroom was great.

Of course, morning found the same two wet noses staring into my face. Am I lucky or what?

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