Saturday, November 7, 2015

Another Dog Park...

We spent longer than we originally anticipated at Hinckley Yacht Services in Savannah but left with the engine room in better condition than when we arrived. Boat yards are not typically good places to spend time but this stop was made great by the other liveaboards there, the great staff, and... the courtesy car!

Not only could we hit the grocery store and visit restaurants but the kids got to go for rides! Just look at those smiles!

After taking the courteous precaution of using our "rental car covers" to keep the car clean, we were off most every day to some great spot for the crew. While they certainly enjoyed their long walk on the trails at Fort Pulaski (and the great smells that follow a hard rain), the favorite trip was to the dog park located in Daffin Park just a couple of miles away.

It's a large dog park with both small and large dog sections (Dylan and Dee Dee used the large...). It is covered in what looked like tall cedar trees that offered great shade from the sun. But the best part was the many friendly dogs and owners that were there every time we went.

Dylan and Dee Dee loved the smells.

Dylan made friends.

And so did Dee Dee.

Daddy brought treats which make everyone very popular.

Fun was had by every crew member. But finally the repairs where complete and it was time to leave. Meanwhile, Dylan and Dee Dee have been trying to figure out what boat system they can sabotage to force us to return. We will be back but for now there are many more adventures to be had and more dog parks to visit.

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