Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dee Dee loves Sherrie...Sherrie loves Dee Dee

There are times when two beings form an instant bond. Sometimes it's between two people. Sometimes it's between two animals. And sometimes it's between a person and a dog.

Sherrie says she loves animals, all animals. And it's easy to believe if you watch her greeting pets of boaters that come into Brunswick Landing Marina where she's the dockmaster. But something special happened when the crew pulled into the marina a little over a week ago. Sherrie met Dee Dee and Dee Dee met Sherrie, and well, the rest is history.

aCappella is docked two slips down from the marina office and Dee Dee spends hours staring into the office window watching for Sherrie. On Tuesdays, Sherrie's day off, Dee Dee hardly leaves her post.

And whenever Sherrie comes down the dock to help bring a boat in, Dee Dee starts to do a full body wiggle.

When Sherrie comes to the boat Dee Dee tries to climb up the side of the cockpit to get closer to her.

I know some will say it's because she brings the crew treats. That certainly plays a part. But watching the two of them you know it is so much more. Our friend Kristin on Kemo Sabe may have nailed it when she said, "It's because they're both sassy!"

We'll be leaving for a bit to visit family and we'll need to head south soon after. So the day is coming when Dee Dee will have to say goodbye. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm more than a bit worried. Remember, Dee Dee has gone overboard before for something she really wanted.

So if in a couple of weeks you see a cute little yellow Lab swimming up the Brunswick River, please give aCappella a hail on VHF16. Or just scoop her up and take her back to Sherrie.

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