Saturday, April 5, 2014

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Years ago my young nephew, who is not lucky enough to live with dogs said, "Your dogs sure do sleep a lot." And I guess they do, but then that's true of all dogs not just our canine crew. I like to think it's because they work so hard throughout the day. Who else on board is ready at a moment's notice to save us from the threat of dolphins and squirrels and all manner of humans who may approach the boat.

I know if you follow our blog you probably think that Dylan and Dee Dee's life on board is just work, work, work.

As I was browsing through the almost infinite selection of photos I have of the canine crew, I found myself especially drawn to the ones of them in quiet repose. Here is my favorite collection of the sleeping dogs on aCappella.



Brigadier said...

I got a few of ours too if you want to see them. Maybe we could get others to post their sleepy dogs as well.

MV Red Head said...


What a good idea! I started a post in eBoatCards:


Unknown said...

Wow - I have never seen Dee Dee so well behaved!

MV Red Head said...


Yes, Dee Dee is the perfect dog - when she's asleep!