Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dog Hair

Jeff and I often joke that if they ever did an autopsy on us they'd find dog hair in our livers and within other internal organs. If you're the type who wants things always clean, do not get a Lab. However, if you want non-stop love then jump right in!

Yesterday the top row of letters on my laptop from "e" through "o" stopped working. Of course, the "Qwerty" row of letters contain some of the most used letters making typing quite difficult. I'm typing this using a combination of the keyboard keys that work and the onscreen keyboard. Otherwise, the last sentence would look like this:

'm png hs sng a cmbnan f h kbad ks ha wk and h nscn kbad.

So, being old time geeks with tech support backgrounds plus my own tenure at Apple, I tried several things without success and then went to Jeff for suggestions. He said, "Use the shop vac on the keyboard." What?!?! "Maybe dog hair is jamming the keys." Not being entirely sure he wasn't pulling my leg, I gave it a shot.

I was stunned at the amount of short yellow hairs that began oozing out of the crevices. And it continued for at least 15-20 minutes! Then I remembered the picture I had snapped sometime ago as I was trying to use my laptop one day. It's a typical occurrence of our normal laptop/dog interaction.

I'd like to say it fixed my problem but tomorrow we head to an Apple store. This is one time the kids are in the clear.


Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

S s h Mac fxd ?

MV Red Head said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Well, that depends on how you define fixed... They couldn't fix it at the store and wanted to mail it in - not a really good option for us. My extended warranty runs out in August, so we decide to deal with it when we get back to Maine and bought a Bluetooth keyboard that I am using propped on top on my laptop. It works.

When I mentioned the dog hair thing to the guy at the store he proceeded to tell me how dog hair can't get past the sealed blah, blah, blah. Of course, he doesn't own a dog.