Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You know Cumberland Island...

If you've been following TakingPaws over the years, you know that Cumberland Island in Georgia has always been a very special place for the aCappella crew. Dyna and Dylan enjoyed numerous stops over the years, sometimes for just a few days, and sometimes for over a week. It's a beautiful, relaxing, and fun stop for the whole crew.

Last week we brought the next generation of the crew to Cumberland Island for a few days of R&R. Dylan acted as mentor to Dee Dee showing her how it's done. Everything about the adventure is exciting.

It starts with a dinghy ride from the boat to the dock. Dinghy rides have always been a favorite with the aCappella crew.

Then there's about a 3/4 mile walk across the island through the maritime forest to the ocean. It's full of many items of interest to the crew such as large piles of..., well, let's just say there are plenty of wild horses on Cumberland Island.

Ending up at the ocean with miles of unspoiled beach.

Let the romping begin!

Unfortunately, Dee Dee has not yet earned untethered swimming privileges, so she remains tied (literally) to her dad. Still she had a great time and both crew members enjoyed several days of play.

But the excitement didn't end when they returned to the boat. One afternoon dolphins began swimming and playing around the boat.

Dee Dee spotted them first and felt something this exciting negated the "no paws on the caprail" rule.

Dylan agreed!

Of course, all this fun and excitement meant we had some pretty exhausted crew members.

Which let us to go back and have our own quiet walk on the beach where we saw the wild horses up close and personal.

You can see why Cumberland Island stays on our must stop list every year.  Dee Dee is all in for the next time too.

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Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

Our dogs also have great interest in large piles of ...
They can be such dogs!