Saturday, March 22, 2014

Castine Ex-Patriots Invade Vero

Since we first crossed paths with Spray and her crew in Sarasota we've been bumping into each other again and again as we both begin our slow trek back to Castine. It's fun to see friends from back home along the way. Sarasota was where we had the largest contingent - likely the biggest concentration of Castiners anywhere but in Castine.

This week we got together in Vero Beach but not content to simply meet up, we rafted up and formed our own little Castine colony. Not only was it fun for the dogs who loved to bark across the bow, but it allowed for the shortest Annual Town Meeting ever. It would have been even better with Dark 'n Stormies being served.

We had a bit of a hard time explaining why Riggs and Katie got dinghy rides ashore several times a day. Dylan and Dee Dee thought they deserved lots of dinghy rides even if they did use the poop deck.

Don't worry, the kids have had plenty of time at the dog park. Or as it seemed one day, the horse park. The owner said he weighs 190 pounds! It was Dee Dee's first dog park.

Dee Dee wants us to feed her what he gets.

Of course, both Dylan and Dee Dee had to say hello. And if you're wondering why Dee Dee has to "enjoy" the dog park on a leash, well, that's a story to be told over something stronger than just a Dark 'n Stormy...

After a few short days, the crew on Spray headed out, much to the sadness of all the crew on aCappella. We're not likely to meet again until we're both back in Maine but we look forward to the meeting.

For now Dylan and Dee Dee have a few more dinghy rides and dog park romps before heading out to Titusville were we are hoping Dee Dee's second dog park adventure goes a bit better.


Sheila and Bill Corbett said...

That horse-dog is quite something. Imagine how Katie and Riggs would look next to him.

I predict DeeDee will love the Titusville dog park.

Thanks for being great raft-buddies!

MV Red Head said...

I'm pretty sure his head was bigger than Katie and Riggs combined! If Dee Dee can't do a the Tisltusville dog park she may be done with them for a while...

Unknown said...

We see you're on your way to Titusville. It must feel good to be back in familiar waters. We really enjoyed following you through the Loop. Safe travels.
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence S/V Elle & I

MV Red Head said...

Elle & I!! It's been too long. Yes, it is good to be on familiar ground again, although new and different is always fun too. We hope to bump into you somewhere.

Safe travels!