Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dog Park II: Second Time's the Charm

Good news for the kids. Snotty weather meant that we stayed an extra day at the Titusville Municipal Marina which meant Dylan and Dee Dee had four trips to the dog park! So you may be wondering how Dee Dee did after being put on restriction at the Vero Beach dog Park...

She was bordering on perfect. She loved the other dogs and ran and played nonstop. She behaved wonderfully with each one, knowing right away where she fit into the pack. She seemed to know the one unfriendly dog and simply avoided him. And, the biggest miracle of all, no matter where she was in the park or what she was doing she came running right back to us on command. Honest! Even Dylan occasionally hesitates with that one.

Dee Dee has one of those high tech microchips that can identify her should she ever get lost or stolen. Dylan didn't see the point... It had me wondering if our little devil girl had been stolen and replaced with a good dog who looks just like her. I thought maybe we should find a vet and have the chip read.

Then as we're walking back to the marina, she turns and nips at Dylan. Yup, that's our girl. Sorry Dylan, I guess we're stuck with her.


Rick, Deb and Izzy aboard M/V Broulee said...

DiDi was amazing knowing when to come to her call and when to second to a ball retrieve with Izzy (our black Lab at the park). Good for you DiDi. And, oh, Izzy enjoyed seeing Dylan again. Great dog park!

MV Red Head said...

Our kids certainly enjoyed playing with our kid! Safe travels.

Leigh said...

Nice work, Dee Dee! (Of course, there was no water-filled ditch to tempt you at this park, was there?):-)

MV Red Head said...


With Dee Dee we take our successes wherever we can!