Sunday, March 10, 2013

We Have Documentation

We have known for years that our Dyna was a very sweet girl. Now we have irrefutable proof and in writing no less. Monday Dyna went off in the latest rental car to visit Dr. Tom Cox of Timuquana Animal Hospital here in Jacksonville. We loved everything about this place, starting with Dr. Cox. He offered to print out his notes for us so we could have them if needed.

They do a SOAP assessment something we were taught as EMT's. Well right there under the Objective portion of the assessment under Attitude, do you see it? Sweet. Our girl has been objectively certified by a licensed professional as sweet. Told ya!

So many of you have wanted to know how she's doing and we appreciate your very kind thoughts. Dyna's primary problem is "age" and there's not too much that can be done about that. Our goal is to treat the symptoms we can and make her as happy as possible for as long as possible. So we're working with Dr. Cox to find the right combination of drugs, supplements, and food that will help her painful back end, not irritate her digestive system, and not create any new problems.

Dyna has always been a picky eater (unheard of for a Lab but Dyna has never followed the official script) and has gotten even more so recently. So meal times are stretching out as we try to coax her with one yummy thing after another. True to her nature what works today may not work tomorrow. Last night it was raw hamburger, this morning some smelly canned fish. Have you heard of Green Cow Tripe? Yes, it smells as gross at it sounds. Well, that works, sometimes. Dr. Cox prescribed 2 scrambled eggs twice a day and she loves that. I've pretty much become her personal chef.

Of course, she's always up for treats and has taken to begging shamelessly at our meals. At this point, she gets whatever she wants and her daddy has been even more generous than usual. Dylan thinks it is all most unfair.

We discuss her treatment in light of her being at the end of life. Dr. Cox has been very kind, understanding, helpful, and respectful when he makes his recommendations.

For now she still wants her daily walk and still engages when Dylan sounds the alarm. There is no doubt that she is still our very sweet girl and we will cherish her for as long as we can.


«Côte de Nuits» said...

When you talk about your "Children" and especially "Dyna" many memories that come to mind as we had on board a black labrador retriever when we had our sailboat. (A boat, a couple, two children and a dog ").

He left us at the age of 14 years and over twenty years later we still feel very often.

Long live Dyna and Dylan.

Leigh said...

Big hugs to Dyna! What a beautiful girl, and I am sure she deserves every bit of all of that "spoiling." :-)

Captain Steve said...

You're not going to find a luckier dog then Dyna. What a great life that girl is having! What memories she has brought along for you. Big Face Licks and Ruffs!