Friday, March 1, 2013

They're Back...

We've well established Dylan's love of watching the wildlife. His favorite are the d-o-l-p-h-i-n-s, (can't be too careful he's sitting right here). But he became fascinated with the manatees when we were in Titusville last December. They surrounded the boat daily until a cold snap chased them away. We didn't seen them again until our last day in Cocoa Village.

I was running water through rock salt to recharge our Spot-Free device. When I went out on the bow to turn it off I found Dylan peering over the side and a small crowd of people at the dock taking pictures. Now I know he's one handsome little boy but didn't think he warranted that sort of attention.

Then I discovered that a manatee had arrived and was drinking the fresh water that was coming out of the scupper. Not only was he enjoying the drink but he was as fascinated by Dylan as Dylan was of him.

Dylan never barked but simply kept peering over the side and watching this strange creature that had come for a visit. I hated to shut off the water but knew I couldn't let it run forever. Our friend rolled over to give Dylan a final salute and then was gone.

A few days later in Titusville while Jeff was rinsing off the side of the boat guess who shows up? Could it be the same one? Could there possibly be two faces like that?


Dave Gibson said...

Our dogs love dolphins too, maybe a little too much. On our way south, we had to put Chevy on a leash whenever he was outside because we were afraid that if a dolphin came by, he'd jump off the boat.

A few months ago, I had the dogs on the beach at Jekyll Island here in Georgia. A dolphin was swimming about 100 yards off the beach. Both pitbulls jumped in and swam out to him. Luckily, he saw them coming and swam off, so the dogs turned around and came back to shore.

Roger and Karen Montembeault said...

These pictures have to be some of the best you've taken, especially the one of Dylan and his manatee buddy checking each other out!! Way too funny!
All the best to you guys!

Leigh said...

How sweet! Our Pepper recently discovered dolphins (we are rather new live-aboards). Now the tell-tale "whoosh" of their blowholes gets her attention right away!

Gelosoil said...

nice!!!:):)happy sailing with dogs!:)I know,i had my share with luna!nice.

Captain Steve said...

Great Pics.Nothing better than a lab and the water.. Manatees love fresh water. I used to just put the hose over the side and they would come up and drink from it forever. I guess we all need to get the salt out of our systems at times.