Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mellow Yellow

So we're both sitting in our "offices" here at Ortega Landing - Jeff in the pilothouse and me in the salon, when our mobile phones ring. I hear Jeff answer it in his usual rather distracted way, when suddenly his voice brightens, "Really! Oh my gosh, I'll be right down." My interest is peaked. "Mellow's here! I'm going to open the gate." And he's gone.

Now the whole boat is up, even Dyna. You see Mellow is Dyna's great-great-great-great granddaughter - plus or minus a great. Ken and Trudy saw our post last year when Sophie had her litter of 4 girls and 3 boys, How Great is Dyna? They contacted us interested in having their own tiny piece of Dyna. Actually there are two tiny pieces as both of Mellow's parents, Sophie and Sarge, are from the lineage of Dyna.

So we've kept up with them via email and blogs and watched pictures of Mellow as she grew, always hoping to meet up and now it finally happened.

They say dogs don't really know their kin, just who's in their pack. Well, I don't know about that. Dylan and Mellow had an instant bond and could not stay away from each other the entire time. I was sure one or both were going right over the edge of the dock. The two look like identical twins except Mellow is a touch smaller.

We finally got Mellow onboard to meet Dyna who gave her a long and serious going over. She then gave us a look that said, "You don't think you're bringing another one of these onboard, do you?"

It was a wonderful afternoon. Everyone enjoyed themselves very much but eventually our visitors had to head out to get to their boat in Stuart before nightfall. They will set off shortly and we look forward to crossing paths again.

A quick update on Dyna as so many of you have been checking on her. The medications seem to have handled the pain she was experiencing and settled down her irritated colon. She is once again eating very well. She is now served meals in courses to ensure she is getting her meds and a good balance of nutrients. By far her favorite course is the scrambled eggs one. She obviously takes after her mom as breakfast has always been my favorite meal. She continues to be our very sweet girl.

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Leigh said...

That video of Dylan and Mellow playing just melts my heart! And sweet Dyna, ever the noble matriarch, huh? What precious dogs. Please give them each a big hug from the Blue Dog crew.