Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sous Chef

Our galley is what is known in the cruising community as a "one butt galley." We have managed to work both of our backsides in by performing this elaborately coordinated dance. Still we often collide and have to adjust with a "Would you please step to the right for a second?"

We gave up virtually all prepared foods several years ago and cook most every meal from scratch (check out Michael Pollan's book, "In Defense of Food"). Breakfast frittatas in the morning, Kung Pao chicken for lunch, and beef and broccoli stir fry for dinner - are examples.

We worked out our routine while spending a year at our land based home and moved it to the boat with just a few adjustments.

When we moved back on the boat this time, Dyna decided that she had to lay down in the middle of the galley during all meal preparations. In the beginning we would shoo her away but she was back before we could turn around.

So now we've adjusted the dance to include 3 bottoms - "Dyna, honey, can you please put your head down so I can open the refrigerator?" Why? Because we have spoiled dogs, of course. Haven't you been following this blog?!?!

As for Dylan, he perches at the edge just happy to be in the vicinity of food.


AlohaFridayNancy said...

We also read Pollan's book; In Defense Of Food. Our lunches aren't as good as yours but I make as much as possible from scratch. Buy organic meat where we can find it. If you haven't been to the Farmer's Market in Charleston at Marion Square, it is worth a triip.
Nancy & Ted McCarley
M/Y Aloha Friday

MV Red Head said...

Yes - we have been to that farmer's market - really a good one. We generally carry 3 months of meat since it's hard to find good stuff when cruising in a reliable way. It's the vegetables and fruits that we're always in search of because they don't last long...