Monday, October 4, 2010

Fells Point Fun

It doesn't take a festival to have fun in Fells Point but boy, what a festival there was this weekend. Sandwiched between two storm fronts, the weekend festival covered a few miles of closed streets with hundreds of booths, food items, and fun.

We found out about this festival by accident last week. It was a 10 block walk from the marina - hard to get much closer than that. I'm working on ways to get event information like this into ActiveCaptain because it would bring a lot of utility and enjoyment to cruisers planning where to go. An obvious solution is to have various chambers of commerce update information about major events in their towns. But is there a standard place to do this?  How can we get coastal communities to update an online calendar so all of us can find and use the information?


Stephanie said...

And I've always wished there were a directory of farmers' markets - where and when.

Carol 'n Wayne said...

I second your thoughts and Stephanie's as well. We love to find farmers markets and we had a great time one year when we happened be near Rock Hall, MD when they had their Fall Fest.


MV Red Head said...

Farmer's markets - great idea. We love coming across them too. And they are usually scheduled things (every Saturday at 9am between April and November, etc).

Our captains are great at entering their own local knowledge - bridges, boat ramps, hazards. I hope our larger numbers now can get that extended from bridge info to event info like this. Prompting for farmer's market times is a good way to make people realize they can add to the database.