Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Dylan’s Terrible Day

Dylan had a growth behind his ear that had been problematic. Today he was scheduled for surgery to have it removed. It required putting him completely under which was a bit concerning for a 12 and a half year old dog. He has a pretty big incision along with medication for the pain. But that’s not why his day was so terrible...

Prior to surgery, Dylan couldn’t eat anything after bedtime and his surgery wasn’t until 11 am. That meant over 12 hours without food or treats. An empty food dish, now that is truly horrifying.

He came through with flying colors and was even released early. Dylan is happy to be back on the boat with the rest of the crew.

But best of all, Dad gave him some food. Of course, Dee Dee and Dora thought that was pretty unfair.

We're all glad to have it behind us. There’ll be no dog park until the stitches come out but Dylan will definitely be getting some extra love (and maybe even some extra treats, after all, he does have some making up to do).


Bob said...

Our Best to Dylan from up here in Connecticut - best wishes for a speedy recovery. All 3 pups look like they're doing well.

Kimbercat 98 said...

Sending prayers to Dylan from South Carolina. Glad to see he came through his ordeal well and is catching up on missing meals! Also glad to see DeeDee out of the Cone of Shame. I guess the long sleeve tees weren't working this year or the hot spot was in a new place.

Wishing all of the Red Head Crew a Joyous New Year and Happy Travels!

Kristin said...

Our love to Dylan ❤️💖♥️ Kristin and Wayne