Monday, January 20, 2020


Even the most casual follower of TakingPaws will have seen many pictures of Gracie and the crew romping on the beaches of the Bahamas. Dylan, Dee Dee, and Gracie have spent countless hours swimming after the bumper, taking dinghy rides, and gazing at each other across the bow. They were quickly dubbed “The Three Amigos.” There have never been better buddies.

Just before Christmas, we received the sad news that Gracie had crossed the rainbow bridge. It left a huge hole in our hearts. Last weekend Gracie’s people came to Key West for a visit. We enjoyed good food, some Dark ‘n Stormies, strolling through the downtown, and, of course, reminiscing about Gracie. So many good times, so many wonderful memories.

We miss you sweet girl.


John said...

Oh my, so many wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

Such sad news. The pictures show the joy she gave to everyone and are a lovely remembrance.

Bob said...

So glad you posted that. Enjoyed reading about the pups. Gracie was very fortunate to have had a wonderful life, but her family, and friends (you and your pups) were truly the lucky ones to have had her in your lives.

TakingPaws said...

Thank you for your thoughtful tribute to our sweet Gracie. She was a very special little girl, with a sweet and loving disposition. John and I miss her terribly. We have wonderful memories of she and her friends Dyna and Dixie, Dylan, Dee Dee, and Dora, as we traveled far and away to ports along the east coast and the Bahamas. Dylan and Dee Dee, along with Gracie swam many a mile retrieving bumpers, balls, and such with joy and delight. They were all the best of friends, the ”Three Amigos.”

We enjoyed our trip to visit with you and Jeff, Dylan, Dee Dee and Dora, thanks for the new memories.

Take care on your travels,