Friday, April 27, 2018

Good Morning!

Mornings are a special time with the Red Head crew. There's the morning walk and breakfast. That's often followed by a morning nap.

That is until Miss Dora decides she wants to play.

This morning she picked Miss Dee Dee as her partner.

It took a little convincing.

But Dee Dee came around...


Pamela said...

One bad things about having only one dog--you never get to watch those fun games of bitey face. Looks like Dee Dee didn't take too much convincing.

Hudson River Boater said...

Always love Dog postings..

How about a Tour of "Red Head"? I would love to Her Engine Room-- I'll bet it's Spotless..

MV Red Head said...

"Bitey-face" - Yes!
"Spotless engine room" - maybe not...

Hudson River Boater said...

Spotless or not-- I would still love to see Red Heads Engine Room.. I'm sure I've seen worse..

If you ever get up to the L.I. Sound I would love to come aboard..

Good Anchorage off of Westport, CT.

Latitude: 41-04'50'' N
Longitude: 073-22'28'' W

Hudson River Boater said...

I could arrange a Boat ride around the area where Red Head can not go..