Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Goodbye, Panama City Beach


Dylan and Dee Dee arrived in Panama City Beach a little over five months ago and discovered the dog park. 11:15 am quickly became an important time of the day.

The Red Head crew leaves PCB with an extra crew member. Now that's one heck of a souvenir.

The crew has finally departed Panama City Beach, on its way to Grandma’s house and then on to Red Head. It was a long 9+ hour drive not including stops. Probably the longest car ride Dora has ever had. No big deal for Dylan and Dee Dee though.

The backseat was a little tight but the crew settled in pretty well.

 A stop was made at a dog park about half way there.

The crew enjoyed romping with the other dogs. Mom and Dad enjoyed a quiet backseat for the remainder of the trip.

Of course, it couldn't compare with the PCB dog park. The crew said their final good-byes on Monday. It was a little sad for both dogs and people. Cindy is mom to the two German Shepherds.

Wendy tried to arrange a group picture. She's the Golden's mom.

And tried.

And, well, figured that's good enough. It's our time at the dog park that everyone will miss the most. Love you guys!

After an exhausting drive, the crew finally made it to Grandma's house. Dora is learning a whole new set of "No's" but, with the help of Dylan and Dee Dee, she is settling in pretty well. It should be an exciting week with lots of new adventures for the littlest crew member, culminating with Dora arriving at her forever home. Here's hoping she likes the water...


Unknown said...

What a lucky crew you have there. Dora must be in 7th heaven.ooxx

Pamela said...

Now I have something to tell people who say I'm crazy for having ONE big dog on a boat. :)