Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Today may well have been the last cruise the  crew takes on aCappella. Last night might have been the last night at anchor on her. It was a perfect cruising day.

If all goes well with the final survey on Red Head, Dylan and Dee Dee will be moving into a new home. It is bittersweet.

While we are excited about this next adventure, aCappella has been a home for over 13 years.

We took our first trip to the Bahamas with her in 2004, with our beloved Tucker. 

Dyna and Dylan learned how to be top notch crew on her. And Dyna passed over the rainbow bridge from her bed in the pilothouse.

Dylan learned to love dolphins and dinghy rides.

Miss Dee Dee has spent most of her three years onboard arriving when just seven weeks old.

To say we have many good memories would be a gross understatement. But boating is about adventures and new experiences, and we hope to embark on our next phase.

No matter what form our floating home takes in the future, we will be blessed with the best crew anyone could hope for


Unknown said...

So what is to become of aCapella? Hope you found her a good home so she can continue to make memories.

MV Red Head said...


For now she is still our only home... If all works out we will find her an excellent home!