Sunday, May 1, 2016

Long Haulin'

Crew Hangin' Out Offshore

Dylan and Dee Dee sadly left Great Harbour Cay Marina, Berry Islands, Bahamas last Sunday. They pulled into River Dunes Marina in Oriental, NC, USA on Saturday. To say we were makin' track is an understatement. That was approximately 1,000 nautical miles in 7 days.

St Johns River Sunrise

We did an overnight passage from Great Harbour to Port Canaveral, FL, a run to Halifax Harbor, FL, then anchored off the St Johns River to take-off for Brunswick Landing, GA. The conditions were good so we changed our plans to go overnight to Charleston, SC.

Sunset Offshore

The next morning remained nice so we pushed on for another overnight to River Dunes Marina. Making that passage a total of 55 hours. That was the longest one ever for this crew. Dylan and Dee Dee even got a military escort into the Beaufort Inlet.

Dylan and Dee Dee watch the warship in the Beaufort Inlet

Dylan and Dee Dee have shown once again what a first class crew we have. They handled it all with aplomb. And even managed to have some fun along the way.

Looking for Dolphins

So today we rested here at River Dunes Marina - visited our first US grocery store, took the kids for walks - we all deserved the break. Tomorrow we once again head north looking for dolphins and the next adventure.

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John said...

Wow, just an awesome run up the SE coast. Conditions must have been perfect. An exciting journey for sure. Good Luck!