Monday, April 4, 2016

The Bumper Maven

There was no question that Gracie was the bumper maven when it came to our daily romps on the beach. Since she left, Dee Dee has been doing her best to fill those shoes. We think she's doing a pretty good job.

Of course, Dylan says she couldn't do it without his support...

That's one hard working crew we have there!


John said...

Gorgeous pictures...Gracie's jealous! And that water, look at those colors. Florida so far is windy, cool and lots of boat time...not the fun dingy riding times.

Is Dylan out chasing the bumper, or does wait until Dee Dee gets it?

MV Red Head said...


Glad you and Marilyn are safely back but all of you are greatly missed! Dylan has been doing his share of bumper chasing - mainly waiting for the ambush but also diving in.

Hope to see you again soon,