Friday, June 5, 2015

Birthday Boy!


Today our sweet boy turned 8. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday Dylan was a puppy winning first place in an online photo contest.

Unfortunately, he spent his special day in the backseat as we zoom back to Maine. He still got a special birthday treat to enjoy - but then so did Dee Dee, so unfair...  Fortunately, our crew has always been terrific in the car.

His day ended with a stay in a La Quinta. Even if he did have to share a bed with Dee Dee. And tomorrow morning? Waffles from La Quinta's Bright Side Breakfast. Nothing is too good for our boy!

Happy Birthday you handsome guy! We love you!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan!! Have a great summer in Maine!!

Your friend from Great Harbour, currently in Cambridge, MD

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Dylan. We followed the La Quinta route driving (I know, I know) to and from Florida. Better not show our dog this last entry or he'll be expecting us to book the rooms with two queen beds and order him waffles for breakfast.

Wishing you all a good summer.