Wednesday, May 27, 2015

From the Sea

Even the most casual follower of Dylan and Dee Dee's blog knows how the crew feels about playing in the ocean. During their time in the Bahamas, they quickly discovered the many "treasures" that can be found along the beach. A huge favorite was the dead coral that washed ashore. I think it was a combination of the sea smell and the texture. Coral is amazingly strong yet has a slight give to it making for hours of chewing fun.

During one of our (few) excursions without the kids, their dad picked up a piece of dead coral and brought it back the to boat for onboard playtime. It was a very big hit!

So before we left the Bahamas we found 3 or 4 large pieces of dead coral to bring along as a future treat. We squirreled them away in the lazarette. A few have already been brought out when a reward was due.

The first order is to break it into pieces but then the one only wants the piece that the other has. There is much tussling for position and "stealing" back and forth.

First, Dylan has it.

Then Dee Dee...

We're now down to a single intact dead coral which will be brought back to Maine.

One day this summer we'll bring it out, maybe when it's a rainy  or dreary day. We can all enjoy our treasure from the sea, remember the fun we had, and look forward to our next adventure there.

Everyone loves the smell of the sea!

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