Friday, September 19, 2014


We've had several days on the Chesapeake to do a shakedown of the boat and crew. Both are functioning well.

There was a beautiful day cruise to Salt Pond Marina where the crew performed a perfect docking going in and behind the fuel dock. It was even captured on the ActiveCaptain Facebook page.

On leaving Salt Pond we had a typical snotty Chesapeake run up to the Piankatank River. In short order Dylan and Dee Dee had found their comfort spots. Dylan at the foot of the helm.

And sometimes cuddled with Dee Dee on the pilothouse settee. We anchored for two nights in perfect calm and just enjoyed being together.

With all the doors open Dylan and Dee Dee could check on any approaching danger from wildlife,  just sit in the breeze and sniff, or head back to the salon for a snooze. The perfect crew life.

The next day's run to Sandy Point for a 3rd night at anchor afforded Dylan's first dolphin sighting of the season with about a dozen surrounding the boat. He was ecstatic.

Tomorrow we pull in for a few days at shore. It's time to drag out the anchor chain for an inspection, untwisting, and remarking. It's a nasty job but one that makes taking the anchor in and out much easier.

The whole aCappella crew is happy to be underway once again. What adventures we have ahead of us!

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