Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crossing Our Wake

One question that is frequently asked when you are undertaking the US Great Circle Loop is, "Where do you cross your wake?" For us it wasn't a simple answer. We have been traveling the US east coast and the Bahamas for over 10 years, so technically, when we crossed back to eastern Florida we would be crossing our wake. But we decided to pick a starting point for our Great Loop adventure and chose the Potomac River.

We had left our boat at Olverson's Marina for the past couple of summers so we knew it was a good place to get some last minute projects done and do a major provisioning. We spent a couple of weeks getting ready and left on May 13, 2013 to head up the Potomac River to Washington DC and the Capital Yacht Club. I grew up there, we met and married there, but we had never taken our boat there. We decided it was time. We'd anchor one night and be in DC by the 14th.

Little did we know that it would be our beloved Dyna's last night. While slowly failing for some months, she took a sudden downturn. It was not how we envisioned starting our adventure. But with the help of the kind and understanding people at CYC, we were able to begin our journey the way Dyna would have wanted - looking forward to the next great adventure.

Those who have been lucky enough to share the love and companionship of many dogs know that one can never replace another. However, I believe that each one increases your capacity to love, giving you that much more to give to another. So as we began circling the eastern US, life was circling as well.

Just weeks before Dyna passed away, her great grandson and great, great granddaughter had a litter of three puppies. We stopped along the Hudson River to return to Maine and bring home a new crew member, Dee Dee (Dynasty's Delight) from that litter. We knew almost immediately that she indeed had Dyna on both sides due to her headstrong way and dominance of Dylan.

As we continued to do our circling, we watched Dee Dee circle through her first year from a puppy to an adolescent to a young adult. Through it all she had Dylan to guide her, showing her the boating routine while we all experienced new places and people.

Last May we stopped our circling to return to Maine for the summer, returning to the boat last month to close the loop. We finally returned to Olverson's "crossing our wake" and completing the Great Circle Loop. We even decided Dee Dee should have honorary looper status. We hope to make it back up the Hudson River so even she will cross her wake some day. But first a few other adventures.

As in every aCappella adventure, there were lots and lots of dog pictures. We've let Dylan and Dee Dee select their favorites from their Great Circle Loop adventure and have included them below.

Dylan started with his mentor Dyna at his side.

Too soon he was the lone crew member

Dylan took on the task of becoming Dee Dee's mentor as she learned the ropes.

The first lesson was how to handle a long car ride to the boat.

Dee Dee proved to be a terrific crew member as she learned the most important task.

Whatever Dylan did, Dee Dee did too!

Soon we were ready to throw off the lines and head to the Erie Canal.

Dylan watched over the little one as she got her sea-legs.

Dee Dee liked to stay close.

The towns along the Erie Canal were always interesting, especially with a band concert right at the dock.

Dylan showed Dee Dee how to help Daddy at the helm.

And how to wait for him to complete his engine room check.

So they could do their circle around the block to check all was well.

There were dinghy rides.

Dee Dee's first offshore overnight trip.

She was growing up!

Dylan now had help spying dolphins.

Dylan introduced Dee Dee to the beach at Cumberland Island where he and Dyna spent many happy hours.

Back in Maine the crew had to trade their DeFever for a 13 foot Whaler.

Dee Dee discovered the joy of sleeping in the sunroom window.

...just like Dyna loved to do.

And finally back to the fields of Virginia where we crossed our wake. And then set out for the next adventure.

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