Friday, January 3, 2014

Leaving Panama City

We knew the day had to come that we would leave Panama City Marina even though it was getting pretty comfortable there. Marina manager Stan Jones snapped a picture as we pulled out of the marina. We think she looks good! We know we'll be back.

The crew did enjoy their time in Panama City. They had multiple walks each day and were cooed over by other boaters and folks we just met along the way. Mostly they liked having a routine.

The nightly sunsets were beautiful although the crew was usually deep into their evening meal by then. It was the last place we would be in the Central timezone which the crew had settled into very nicely. There were different places to walk, even a small field to sniff in. The kids were enjoying themselves.

We were enjoying the restaurants and took a tour around to the other marinas in the area. Stan drove us over to see the St Andrew's Marina which has a nice floating dock and a charming little town right on the marina's doorstep. We also visited the other Sponsor marinas in the area, Lighthouse Marina and Pirate's Cove Marina are near the beach. Bay Point Marina is in a gated community with a golf course walking distance from the boat.

But we were getting worried that if we stayed much longer we'd have to change our residency. So we threw off the lines and set off. The crew immediately took up their stations.

Dylan kept watch for dolphins.

Dee Dee took Dyna's favorite spot at the foot of the flybridge stairs.
But Dee Dee was most happy cuddled with Dylan on the pilothouse settee.

It was a nice hop to Port St. Joe Marina where we found several other transient boaters waiting for a window to cross over to Florida's west coast. The crew met up with Janet and Bob on Harmony who they first met last June on the Hudson River when Dee Dee was just a little drip of water.

Port St Joe is a lovely town with pretty much anything you could need just a walk away. Dee Dee especially liked the wrapped dog toy that the marina put on the stern every morning. She found a similar toy left at Grandma's house every morning too.

But Dylan and Dee Dee's favorite thing is the four miles of walking trails right beside the marina. They now have a new favorite routine for their walks. It is a terrific place to be "stuck" waiting for a weather window to cross from the Florida panhandle to the west coast.

It's lining up for a noon departure tomorrow for a 27 hour run to Clearwater. This will be one of Dee Dee's biggest firsts yet - an overnight crossing on the boat. I'm sure she'll look to Dylan's experience for what to do and he'll be the perfect mentor.

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