Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In the Lap of Luxury!

The photo above was snapped by Jennifer at Longboat Key Club Moorings where the whole crew was able to enjoy several days at this luxury facility. Now you may be asking yourself, "How could the life of the canine crew get any more luxurious?"

Well, to be honest it can't. They have two servants waiting to attend to their every need 24/7, a flock of adoring fans wherever they pull in, and the world's best gourmet dining onboard their own private yacht. Belly rubs, soft blankets, never ending treats, and the list goes on and on.

But this time the human crew got to enjoy some of the good life.

The marina is part of The Resort at Longboat Key Club which is over 400 acres with every amenity you can imagine.

 There are 8 restuarants.

A full spa and fitness center.

Tennis courts and a pool.

You know one could really get used to this... But don't worry about the kids. There's also miles of paths to walk and explore and they got their share of attention. So maybe Mom and Dad did enjoy a few amenities on their own. There was never a meal missed and we were back for cuddles every evening. After all, you gotta keep the crew happy.


Rick, Deb and Izzy aboard M/V Broulee said...

Your crew is adorable, can not get any cuter.

Brigadier said...

Really great looking Marina, gives us more encouragement to see it for ourselves. Thanks to all 4 of you.